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Produk dijamin asli.
Nabila Shop : Barang yang Kami Tawarkan Semuanya Barang ASLI ORGINAL Garansi Resmi Distributor dan gransi TAM 2 TAHUN BEBAS RESIKO BEBAS PENIPUAN.
Semua Produk Kami Baru dan Msh Tersegel dLm BOX_nya.

Asli Buatan Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Rp 2.499.000.
Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 Rp 1.220.000.
Samsung GT-E1205M Rp 145.000.
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 Rp 1.525.000.
Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam Rp 4.825.000.
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 Rp 2.250.000.
Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III Rp 2.800.000.
Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance Rp 2.850.000.
Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S6500 Rp 1.400.000.
Samsung E1390 Rp 200.000.
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Rp 1.850.000.
Samsung S 5300 Galaxy Pocket Rp 850.000.
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 Rp 1.150.000.
Samsung C3312 Deluxe Duos Rp 500.000.
Samsung C3520 Rp 425.000.
Samsung E1232B Rp 200.000.
Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus Rp 2.250.000.
Samsung C3350 X Cover II Rp 750.000.
Samsung S5610 Rp 725.000.
Samsung C3330 Champ 2 Rp 525.000.
Samsung I8150 Galaxy W Rp 1.950.000.
Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note Rp 1,700.000.
Samsung E1195 Rp 225.000.
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Rp 875.000.
Samsung i509 Galaxy Y CDMA Rp 875.000.
Samsung W139 Rp 350.000.
Samsung E2232 Rp 350.000.
Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Rp 2.250.000.
Samsung C3322 Rp 400.000.
Samsung E1182 Rp 175.000.
Samsung E2152 Rp 425.000.
Samsung E2652 Champ Duos Rp 615.000.
Samsung S3850L Corby II Rp 550.000.
Samsung B7510 Galaxy Pro Rp 1.550.000.
Samsung Ch@t 322 Wi-Fi Rp 500.000.
Samsung GT-E1055T Rp 175.000.
Samsung GT-E3210 Rp 495.000.
Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL 4 GB Rp 1.850.000.
Samsung Nexus S i9023 Rp 1.350.000.
Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL 16 GB Rp 3.000.000.
Samsung Gio S5660 Rp 1.450.000.
Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 Rp 1.200.000.
Samsung Samsung F480 - Rp 550.000.
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Rp 900.000.
Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5 Rp 725.000.
Samsung S5253 Wave525 Rp 900.000.
Samsung i8510 innov8 Rp 875.000.
Samsung S5830 Galaxy ACE Rp 1.750.000.
Samsung S5333 Wave533 Rp 900.000.
Samsung C3510 Genoa - Rp 550.000.
Samsung i900 Omnia - Rp 1.100.000.
Samsung S5753 Wave575 Rp 1.000.000.
Samsung I5503 Galaxy 5 Rp 825.000.
Samsung i5510 Galaxy 551 Rp 1.250.000.
Samsung S8530 Wave II Rp 1.750.000.
Samsung C3303 Champ Rp 175.000.
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Rp 1.650.000.


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